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Do I need to neutralize/ de-identify containers after my purchase?


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Container Neutralization Requirements


When you become an owner of a container, you will be responsible for removing all steamship line decals and ownership markings (i.e. container number, title, CSC plate, etc.) from the box.


a) The container owner’s logo, prefix and check digit need to be removed or painted over. These markings are located on the interior, side panels, door and the roof. The original container number does not need to be removed.



b) The container number prefix and check digit number which are located on either the left-hand or the right-hand side rear corner post need to be ground off.



c) The prefix and check digit number on the consolidated CSC plate and ACEP sticker also need to be removed.


International Trade


If you will use the container in international trade, the original CSC plate can remain on the equipment. However, you will need to add your identification number after the container owner’s number and a sticker of the type generally used on such plates that covers the abovementioned markings and letters.


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